Survival of the Fittest

Today, Mos and I hiked up the Pocono Mountains. We are preparing for our trip to New Zealand where we will walk up the Lord of the Rings trail to Mordor and climb Mount Doom. The weather was overcast with 20% humidity today in Scranton and Mos was not enjoying the trek. We had to walk quickly too because we had to hike Pocono on my lunch break. While walking up the mountain, I sensed that there were people watching us. I also kept getting calls from an unknown number saying that my CIA exam was successful. Although, the voice did sound familiar, I went along with it knowing that “The Idiot” (To all future Blog viewers, The Idiot is and always will be Jim Halpert)¬†would come to play a prank on me anyway. With anger in my veins, I grabbed Mos and we hid in the wilderness waiting for “The Idiot” to come. We waited for one hour and nobody came so I decided to go back to my car. As I entered the car, Jell-O was overflowing onto the sidewalk. Out of anger, I screamed Jim’s name at such a loud decibel that my new apprentice, Sigfried, heard my scream ten miles away. I told Mos to walk home and at the moment I am still pursuing “The Idiot” who put Jell-O in my car.

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